Johnathan.PRO ensures the isolation of your data from the Problem and PRO Story messaging features, including the Realize Assistant and Observe Analytics are isolated as separate services and separate data stores. Non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) is stored in a USA cloud, while analytics are stored in an EU cloud to comply with GDPR privacy standards, which is a widely accepted global standard. No Assistive Intelligence (AI) system can identify you without your explicit input, which the model does have current PRO Story and domain name context for you on the MORE and MOST plans. This context isn.t available inside the REALIZE ASSISTANT in OPTIMIZED web tech. You may choose to share personal or company details for content creation purposes using the Realize Assistant at your discretion.

Personal information collected during sign-up is directed to the Stripe payment portal to ensure complete decoupling from the main platform and the Realize Assistant. The Realize Assistant data model trained by Johnathan.PRO is stored entirely in a separate USA cloud with secure communications to an OpenAI cloud data model, offering an additional layer of protection for any personally identifiable information (PII) transfers that you choose to expose with chats stored in your local device storage after login.. Additional, security measures, such as HTTPS-secured prompts and the utilization of local session cookies, safeguard the privacy of login details at a device level, enhancing the user experience for you and your team without affecting visitors.


Johnathan.PRO prioritizes effective collaboration with clients, strategically breaking down critical interactions into user-friendly features within the platform. This approach enhances communication, facilitates focused discussions, and creates a centralized repository for long-term client engagement. Inspired by enterprise knowledge management systems, this methodology streamlines information access compared to traditional scattered communication methods. And please be aware, engagement is broken down into Meetings and. Replies as increasingly strategic levels in alignment with your subscription plan.

Clients are encouraged to actively participate in the platform by leveraging meetings and replies to address their needs within the PRO Story framework, especially if the REALIZE ASSISTANT isn’t giving the right answers. Direct communication via email should be reserved for billing matters, with all main engagement ideally taking place within the designated PRO Story platform. Subscription packages are designed based on extensive research and previous client engagements, ensuring plans cater to individual requirements based on strategic needs of the organization. Additionally, monthly reminders are sent out to keep subscribers informed and engaged along with valuable tips and insights for optimizing Johnathan.PRO features.


Johnathan.PRO consists of three key ownership segments: the main platform and PRO features, your web tech, and the OPTIMIZED by Johnathan.PRO WordPress cloud stack or my tech. The main platform, along with the associated PRO features and infrastructure, are created and either owned or licensed by Johnathan.PRO and myself extending to non-PII data within the PRO features. The OPTIMIZED by Johnathan.PRO WordPress cloud stack interface plus infrastructure and Realize Assistant are owned or licensed by Johnathan.PRO, excluding ownership of the underlying open source WordPress layer and data when utilizing my web tech. Clients retain ownership of their data and have rights to the underlying open source WordPress technologies, with certain components within the OPTIMIZED stack being licensed as premium themes and plugins. Notably, Kubio Builder is a premium agency license that a subscriber may retain on a single domain at no extra cost If choosing to cancel a subscription and transition away from Johnathan.PRO.

Your tech involves situations when a client opts to use third-party web tech, such as another WordPress provider or Squarespace as a couple of examples, as such the focus of the platform subscription is strategic guidance towards an ongoing self-service solution rather than specific technologies., as an open-source software, has a community-driven core framework and a diverse ecosystem of plugins and themes, but further explanation of WordPress is beyond the scope of this document. While no single individual owns the codebase (trademarked by Automattic) whereas Squarespace is a commercial software platform. Johnathan.PRO does not retain control over clients’ underlying WordPress assets and data, but it is your responsibility to manage the transition independently, which will result in a loss of access to the OPTIMIZED by Johnathan.PRO. Ultimately, your tech encompasses the choice of underlying technology that powers solutions offered by Johnathan.PRO, with the OPTIMIZED interface and WordPress web tech provided as part of your subscription at no extra charge.


Refunds are not available for the LESS annual subscription, given its low-cost introductory nature aimed at informing clients through a brief annual Problem meeting to enhance self-service administration of web tech through either Johnathan.PRO access or coupled with my lighter OPTIMIZED stack. Subscribers to the MORE and MOST plans are entitled to a full refund within 3 days of initiating the first annual subscription payment each year. Refunds are not permitted after the initial 3-day period, which must be requested by emailing and not independently through the Stripe billing portal.

Subscribed clients have the flexibility to cancel or change a plan at any time through the ACCESS STRIPE option in the account menu, which redirects securely to Stripe for billing management. Upgrades commence upon purchase, and platform account descriptions are adjusted within 72 hours of the change This extends the subscription for another year without deducting any funds from the current plan. Payment renewals are processed by Stripe and renewals happen automatically, but failed payments will result in an inactive account status within 7 days of failure. Please ensure billing details can be updated through the ACCESS STRIPE account menu and reminders will come by email.


As the creator of Johnathan.PRO (human Johnathan), I identified a significant technology value understanding gap between technologists {includes web designers, developers, creatives, marketers and agencies) stemming from my extensive experience working in agency partnerships and the initial stages of Johnathan.PRO. The later coincided with six years of spearheading large-scale enterprise cloud platforms at companies like Amazon and Nike, among many others. Additionally, this pivotal moment increased more for me during my transition from technical program management to technical product leadership in the enterprise, where the focus shifted to developing internal platforms tailored for developers to accelerate the business value stream.

In short, the absence of metrics and market problems in discussions with most small business and nonprofits by techies led me to a pivotal need to empower clients, inspiring the transformation of Johnathan.PRO: Web Project Manager into Johnathan.PRO: I Problem, Realize, Observe. I promise you that I will champion the empowerment for you to control your PRO Story, ensuring informed web tech dialogues and improved ROI for business goals. The is why Johnathan.PRO is built with a problem-first approach, which this platform reflects my dedication of increasingly redefining the web consulting engagement space for smaller businesses owners, nonprofits and municipalities since 2001.

This usage policy and client acknowledgment agreement, last updated on July 16th, 2024, will evolve over time with the adaptive nature of the most software platforms and may be subject to changes at my discretion. Any updates will be communicated via email; for inquiries or feedback, please contact .