I’m Johnathan Evans and I specialize in the management of information technology projects for enterprise as well as consulting with web projects for SMBs, non-profits and municipalities. I holistically manage web projects by combining bulletproof marketing strategies, leveraging social media in a truly unique way and integrating it all on top of the industry leading WordPress.

These projects are proven with over two decades of experience in information technology coupled with a professional education, which has culminated in hundreds of successful bespoke projects since 1997.  Request more information on my approach to managing WordPress projects for small to medium businesses, non-profits and municipalities or give me a call at (919) 222-1953 to discuss your next project.

My ideology as a Web Project Manager is to create an internet presence that is easy-to-use for you and your visitors both inside and out, but all while procuring a project that will rank organically in SERPs and generate a positive ROI. I hope my projects and the “A Simple Backend” plugin for WordPress concretely exemplifies my technology and marketing acumen.