The Technologist gives Clients a bundle of credits to partner with me and my team to turn problems to outcomes based on my technical recommendations, but with guided PRO partnership on top of the Minimalist platform to deliver together

  • align, design, build and measure
  • annual platforming per iteration
  • iteration delivers 2 to 5 outcomes
  • Pagespeed 75+ on homepage
  • partner by phone/video/email/text


The Minimalist is a marketing technology platform with curated design and build tools placed on scalable cloud to nearly automate security, performance and accessibility with all baselined and tested against Google Pagespeed SEO.

  • self-service design and build tools
  • annual platforming per instance
  • guided administrative experience
  • monitoring, analytics and failover
  • boosted Pagespeed at launch


I’ve guided outcomes as a Technologist with brands on platforms since 2017 and entrepreneurs with organizations since 2001. Also, I’ve been a minimalist since 2006, which I truly believe has is well aligned with modern product operations. This platform reduces problems faced by Clients by giving a curated technical foundation that meets performance, accessibility and security for an improved frontend user experience that boosts organic rankings, but with a guided administrative backend.

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