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Hello, I’m Johnathan, a Principal Technical Consultant with many years of experience guiding web tech usage for smaller organizations and launching platforms at major global brands. I’ve played key roles in the launch of NFL TNF on Amazon Prime Video and cloud scaling at Nike plus hundreds of smaller digital launches since 2001 resulting in a top GoDaddy partner ranking. Today, I’ve repackaged my knowledge into my PRO (Problem, Realize, Observe) Story approach, which is a strategic framework to get a better return on your web tech investment.

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What is a PRO Story?

The PRO Story is a targeted framework that aims to minimize technology hurdles in web tech usage for businesses and organizations. It is loosely based on enterprise software user stories, but evolved to be more evergreen and tie a measurable visitor problem to a self-service core solution. By adopting a problem-first approach, the PRO Story aims to increase both short-term and long-term returns by prioritizing incremental goals that improve the web experience for visitors. It serves as both a strategy and process, empowering clients with a better understanding of the connection between objectives and technology.

How much will you help me?

I’m focused on the core problems rather than small and manageable (still important) tasks better suited to be handled in self publishing web editing tools, provided there is a foundation of technology and knowledge like my boutique platform powering the PRO Story framework offers. Most businesses and organizations seek to contribute to the process these days — a reality for which many consultants and agencies are unprepared. My PRO framework emphasizes targeted results crafted around an incremental solution that you can own and move forward. However, I do include one-time Boosts during Realize to accelerate you further, but I want to give you the chance to make that decision.

Can you host my web tech?

Technologies or ‘tech’ refers to web-based editing tools like WordPress or Squarespace that your organization uses for creating customer web experiences. I have curated an optimized WordPress cloud stack that I offer with secure cloud hosting at no extra charge with a subscriptions on LESS (>250MB) for essential needs to MORE (>1GB) for average needs for larger solutions and MOST (>10GBs) for deeper strategic needs. And the OPTIMIZED by Johnathan.PRO WordPress cloud tech is a WordPress stack wrapped in a lesser technical and secure administrative experience.

Why do you use subscriptions?

I charge a subscription to clients (subscribers) to ensure continuous, high-quality guidance and access to premium tools that enhance your web tech solutions. I leverage assistive intelligence (AI) within the PRO Story framework plus a growing video library to cross solve common challenges in a hybrid human-bot platform. This collaborative experience tailors strategies to your unique needs by aligning visitor problems with effective technology solutions. As a result, subscribers can more effectively self-service goals and adjust as needed while a human (Johnathan) guide is always around. Also, please know that each subscription plan inherits all the benefits of the previous subscription plan or plans.

What does solution and a few mean?

Solutions are typically web tech implementations that you can take over but maybe providing of deeper strategy to empower you in an alternative way. For example , this could be a planning spreadsheet or a strategic mockup that you’re implementing in your own web tech, so I use a solutioning as a means of measurement and not how much code is written. In regards to using the word few, a few usually means three plus instances because I want to subscribers to have flexibility due to the realistic unknowns of marketing and technology consulting. This allows subscribers a reasonable amount of wiggle room and gives me an ability to enable it.

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