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Hello, I’m Johnathan, a Technical Management Consultant with many years of success in small business web technologies and enterprise cloud platforms alike. Some of my standout experiences include helping manage the streaming launch of NFL TNF on Amazon Prime Video and scaling Nike e-commerce. For smaller organizations, I assist in creating your future PRO (Problem, Realize, Observe) Story to reduce waste in your organization. We will collaborate on my boutique PRO platform, a technology problem realization and solution observation toolset to help you understand the connection between business and technology for your organization.

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What is a PRO Story?

The PRO Story (Problem, Realize, Observe) is a targeted framework designed to minimize technology hurdles in your web tech usage for businesses and organizations, which is “realized” by the measurable outcome of the PRO Story as we “observe” the business learnings during the process. By adopting a problem-first approach, we can drastically increase both short-term and long-term ROI (return on investment) by focusing on the incremental goals that truly improve the web experience for your users with thorough core features. Moreover, serving as both a strategy and process, PRO enlightens clients about the connection between business objectives and tech since a major issue is usually clients don’t feel empowered with technologists.

How much will you help me?

I’m focused on the core problems rather than small and manageable (still important) tasks suited for self-service web editing tools, provided there is a foundation of technology and knowledge like my PRO platform offers. Nowadays, smaller organizations seek to contribute to the process—a reality for which many consultants and agencies are unprepared. My PRO framework emphasizes targeted results crafted around an incremental solution you can own and move forward. However, I do include allocations of deeper help during Realize to allow you to be more hands off if you choose.

Do you host my web tech?

Web technologies or ‘rech’ refers to web-based tools like WordPress or Squarespace that your organization uses for creating customer web experiences. I have curated an optimized stack over two years and offer it with secure cloud hosting at no extra charge as a small option on LESS (>250MBs) to MORE (>1GBs) for larger solutions and MOST (>5GBs) for deeper strategic needs. I offer cloud web tech at no additional charge on each plan because it’s crucial that hurdles are removed to create better customer-centric business strategies that allow you to own and self-service some technology knowledge to improve your goals. My cloud web tech is an optimized WordPress stack wrapped in a lesser technical and secure SMB first administrative experience. Lastly, my boutique PRO platform can be dropped anywhere into a process regardless of the web tech without starting from zero unlike most tech consultants, so we can operate to your needs.