WE ideate realistic Problems 1
TO testable ongoing Results 2
BY integrating faster Options 3


I’ll start by understanding users and then integrate a strategic technology foundation by working quarterly hand-in-hand with you to help obtain more knowledge.

  • starts with big-to-small refinement
  • quarterly meetings and email/text
  • foundation with quality assurance
  • 2 Minimalists, multi-region, 2GBs


This is a curated and performant toolset that automates challenges for Clients by reducing “Googling” up to 75% for better SEO, accessibility, security and usability.

  • starts with a ready-made canvas
  • secure cloud with backlog kanban
  • GTMetrix A+ for better Google SEO
  • 1 website, single region, 500MBs


I’ve been working as a Technologist in various technology platform management roles (development, design, product, program) with entrepreneurs plus nonprofits since 2001 and brands (Metlife, Pearson, Nike, Amazon) since 2017 to the delight of over millions of Client users. Also, I’ve been a Minimalist since 2008 and I feel passionate that minimalism and modern technology consulting are well aligned with the product mindset today. My experiences skews towards digital marketing and compliance, so this platform gives entrepreneurs and nonprofits a mechanism to partner with a vetted professional by combining best-in-class tools and techniques, which includes a growing library to guide people both personally and professionally to integrate technology.

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