WE partner on minimal Problems 1
BY renovating Recommedations 2
TO optimize important Outcomes 3


This is a curated and performant toolset that automates business challenges by reducing “Googling” up to 75% for better SEO, accessibility, security and usability at 0.25GB per domain.

  • partner with a configurable turnkey 1 pager or multi-pager (1)
  • renovate yourself with my growing professional Recommendations (2)
  • optimize with my a simpler interface and a PRO toolset (3)


I’ll bring a human touch with strategic technical foundational assistance for usually about 4 PROs per year built on a more performant Minimalist cloud.

  • partner on a bscklog of minimal problems aligned to Outcomes (1)
  • renovate a foundation by using my technical Recommedendations (2)
  • optimize the partnered Outcome with analytics and SEO AI tools (3)


Need the full expertise I’ve given since 2001 for entreprenuers and nonprofits plus brands like Amazon and Nike since 2018.

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